Test your connection for VoIP connection quality

Connect a User Interface

  1. To connect to your VCOM Cloud System, download a VCOM User Interface (iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac versions available) and follow the install prompts.
  2. When you get to the configuration screen, enter the Virtual Matrix IP Address and port number after the colon that you were assigned in your “Getting Started” email.
  3. Login with the default configuration by selecting a user name of your choice (e.g. name, title, or job function) and “guest” as the password.

Search our Wiki Knowlegde Base for answers to many technical questions.

Refer to the VCOM System Administration User Guide

FIREWALL INFO FOR NETWORK ADMINS: to connect to a VCOM Cloud Server allow TCP for data and UDP for audio connections on the port assigned to your system. Allow port 8090 for Geo Mapping.